Awakening of the Divine Feminine

As we all go about our everyday life, a grand catharsis, planet-wide in nature, is taking hold. For many of us, old, deep-seated issues are being pushed to the conscious surface for processing and healing. Learning to "go with the flow" is of paramount importance now as we are each being given the opportunity to become readied for what lies ahead for our planet and all its inhabitants.

The "Awakening of the Divine Feminine" is accumulating energy as the Divine Mother speaks to all who care to listen. Women are naturally most in touch with the Divine Mother. It is the intuitive gift which accompanies the ability to create life. I do believe, however, that there are men as well that hear her call, men who are in touch with their soft, gentle, nurturing side.

When Jesus Christ walked the planet 2000 years ago, the "Divine Masculine" was awakened. Now, we have entered into a new millennium. As the Piscean Age comes to a close, the Age of Aquarius invites us to replace our mass-consumer-driven mantra with a spirit-driven concern for all humanity. At some point in the near future, the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine energies will fully merge with one another as we experience a planet-wide leap of consciousness en masse.

The children of the new millennium are being born with a spirituality, a mysticism and a miraculousness this world has never seen. Once again, sometime in the near future, children will be born fully evolved, fully-Christed beings, fully of the Light. I believe they will teach us how to love each other. It is this vision into the future which rings true down to the very core of my soul. But I am in touch with the spirit world.

Numerous spirits speak to me on a daily basis, delighting my spirit, pushing me onward and upward. It is not uncommon for me to feel the presence of John Lennon or Martin Luther King, Jr., enlightened men of peace and vision who were taken from us prematurely.

The Veil of Illusion, which has encompassed the planet since the beginning of time and kept us locked in negative energy patterns, is thinning more and more as time goes on. As the Veil thins, spirits of family members who have passed over may speak to you or appear before you in a vision. Do not be alarmed or think yourself crazy. It is all a part of the ascension process.

Our various and specific gifts are being awakened and strengthened. Balancing this process with everyday life will be quite a challenge for some. I know for me personally at times my life has felt like a slippery slope, and that I am going crazy. It has taken me four years from my initial awakening process (see My Bio) to get to this point. So much extraordinary information was dumped in my lap, so to speak, that , coupled with the awakening of my specific gifts, propelled me into a period of emotional overwhelm. Staying centered, focused and relaxed is the key to allowing the Divine energies to work within all of us, which is easier said than done at times. Prayer and meditation are very powerful tools at this time.