My Bio

Born in the Midwest in the late 1950's, I grew up a preacher's kid. I began taking piano lessons at an early age, a skill which , as I grew older, my father utilized in his church services. But, as I grew into my teens, and developed my ever-inquisitive, ever-questioning mind, I began to question a number of long-held beliefs of the church as they did not ring true for me. And it was that questioning that ultimately laid the foundation for my current belief system.

I have believed for many years that there is a feminine aspect of God - the Divine Mother. To my way of thinking, women (the feminine) create life on this planet. We take spirit from God (something not of this world) and sperm from man (something of this world) and create life in our bellies. Even though I have never had children, this whole concept staggers my mind in wonder still to this day.

Let's go back to my younger years. Fresh out of high school, I earned my Associates degree in Psychology. I worked for about six years after that, then decided to study Music at a local university. Even though I did not earn my Bachelor's degree, my music education in my 20's carried over quite adequately into my early 40's, when I started hearing and writing divine music.

My 30's were devoted to working at an auto plant. Even though I made an excellent income, I grew to feel largely unfulfilled. On my 40th birthday, I asked God what my life's purpose was. Well, they say "Be careful what you ask for in life" for a good reason. One year later, in June of 1999, I moved to sunny southern California. I knew it was time to do something with my music, but had no idea what that entailed exactly.

In the early spring of 2000, I began experiencing a spiritual awakening. A Higher Power began speaking to me, to my spirit, telling me things, unbelievable things, things I had a hard time wrapping my mind around (see the article "Visions, Dreams, and Goals").

Initially, I began playing this song on my synthesizer. But it was as if a Higher Power was playing through my hands (a concept I later learned is termed "channeling"), and as I sat at my synth, I listened with wild-eyed wonder as this song poured out of my hands, knowing on some level that God was playing through me.

The angelic realm had opened a doorway for me with this music. They told me to name this song "Gideon's Trumpet" and that it is the wake-up call to the world!! My initial reaction was "It's what? You want me to what...?" I couldn't believe the incredulity of this whole idea. Apparently that was just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

The angels went on to tell me that there is a message in this song and it is aimed most directly at women and then children. "Gideon" speaks directly to the spirit and the feminine heart. The collective feminine psyche on this planet is currently being awakened and readied. As we go about our daily lives, the Diving Mother is speaking to women everywhere. I believe we are experiencing another Baby Boom as the Divine Mother attempts to birth as many babies as possible.

I also believe that women will hear this "Gideon" and on some level realize "I remember this song somewhere - I've heard it before." And it is in that remembrance when the Divine Mother will speak to each woman much as She has with me.

The children being born now carry with them a miraculousness, a spirituality and a mysticism this world has never seen, as each generation comes into the world more evolved than the previous generation. At some point, children will come into the world fully-Christed beings, fully evolved, fully of the Light, knowing their life's purpose at birth.

My spirit resonates at a higher frequency than most other people's. This is how I hear this music and receive this information. Since I resonate at a higher frequency, I have had to learn how to continually pierce the Veil of Illusion (see the article "Specific Info on 'Gideon's Trumpet'" for more on the Veil).

Even as I tried to get "Gideon" out to the world, I was constantly wrestling with the energy from the Veil. Somehow I had an unshakeable feeling that something like 9/11 was going to happen and I guess in my own inept way, I was trying to keep that from happening. You cannot be gifted in the ways that I am and condone war. But, looking back, apparently it was supposed to happen.

This whole time was so overwhelming for me, but I did the best I could. Shortly after 9/11 I ran low on money, so we moved to Tennessee. We both found full-time work as I kept searching for a way to get "Gideon" out to the world.

In March of 2003 I paid for a year's membership to a California-based company entitled "Taxi". This company serves as a middleman between aspiring songwriters and the big recording companies. While nothing panned out within that year, I did get "Gideon" critiqued by some very knowledgeable people in the music industry, and what they told me was very encouraging.

"You have created an epic-sounding piece with a film score feel. The soundscape is lush and evocative. It carries with it a very powerful and haunting melody." Then they gave me their recommendations as to how to make it bigger. Currently that is where I am at with "Gideon."

I am looking for funding which will allow me to take this song to the next level, i.e. adding a full symphony, a killer bass line and a driving percussive beat. I hear this song on a grand scale in my head everyday. Pulling it all together with all the right instruments will prove to be a formidable task! I believe this song will become a soundtrack to a movie someday, and that when the time is right, God will open the right doors. I can only imagine how many people will hear my music over the internet, as it is worldwide.

I have only shared the highlights of my life and especially the past five years in this short article, for brevity's sake. You can read more about my music and the future in my other articles but if you have any questions or would like to contact me for any reason, please e-mail me at