Visions of the Future
World Peace and How We Will Achieve it

The collective feminine psyche on this planet is being awakened and readied. Since 9/11, a new baby boomer generation is being birthed worldwide. The Divine Mother is pushing as many babies as She can onto the planet at this time.

Music has, for all intents and purposes, hit a wall.  With the release of "Gideon's Trumpet" to the world, music evolution will turn a corner and music will evolve. The Divine Feminine collective on Earth will fully awaken as its energy steadily accumulates momentum; more little girls will be born than little boys.

I will take part in initiating a nationwide healing movement which will eventually grow into a worldwide sisterhood of healers. All women carry within them the ability to channel this healing energy - it only needs to be activated. The original Baby Boomer generation of today, some 75 million strong in the U.S., will evolve into the healers of tomorrow. It is a large part of our collective destiny to ready the planet as the Second Coming of Jesus Christ fully manifests itself, en masse. Then the babies who are born fully-Christed beings will take charge and leading by example, teach us how to love each other. Imagine a world without hatred, bigotry, prejudice, and war! Humanity will evolve as a species.

Dreams and Goals

Apart from all this, my partner and I would like to move back to California someday. We really miss the ocean - it is church for us. I would also like to finish my Bachelor's degree, then get my Master's degree in Music Theory and Composition. Maybe I'll even play in a local band.

We want to eventually adopt some babies from other countries. As a lesbian couple, we still feel the sting of prejudice and ignorance, even now as the gay movement gathers momentum in this country.

As you read any or all of the articles I have posted on my website, you must realize that since I have summed up five years of my life into a few pages, I have only given you the highlights of this experience to date. I look forward to the day when I am offered the opportunity to write a book about all the highs and lows of this time in my life.

I realize that sometimes the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, but we have sacrificed so much to try and get this music released to the world. The only thing we look forward to anymore is the day when we can move back to California, and on with our lives.

We would like to move to the Napa Valley area of northern California and enjoy the large gay and lesbian community in the San Francisco area. We both want to do volunteer work at the AIDS clinics there. It is my personal desire to share this healing energy with the AIDS victims to see what type of help it can give.