The angels began channeling "Gideon" to me in the spring of 2000, at the turn of the new millennium. Initially I began to feel a "shift"; something somewhere was shifting. At first I wasn't sure whether it was internal or external, or both.

I began channeling a lesser-evolved form of "Gideon" in February (of 2000). It had a dark and haunted feel to it. But as the weeks passed and I began evolving through what I eventually came to realize was a spiritual awakening, the song evolved. And as it evolved, more depth and dimension was channeled into it by the angelic realm.

In March I spoke to my chiropractor about how I was experiencing a shift and hearing divine music. She validated my intuitions by explaining that the "Shift of the Ages" is upon us (read Gregg Braden's book "Awakening to Zero Point" for a thorough explanation of the shift).

Also in March, the angels told me to name this song "Gideon's Trumpet" and that it is the wake-up call to the world! To say that this information was overwhelming would be an understatement. Then, shortly after Easter Sunday, right out of the blue, I heard "Gideon" in its fully evolved form in my head. If you were sitting next to me at the time, you would have heard nothing. But for about 30 seconds, the angels opened a doorway into higher levels of consciousness and made it possible for me to hear this music in fully-orchestrated fashion, on a grander scale that what you currently hear on this website. Then, as mysteriously as it started, it ended, and all I heard was the angels giggling as I begged to hear more. But I was not allowed to hear any more of it at that time.

As time passed, it became apparent that I was being teased with this song. I had to reach into higher levels of consciousness than I was currently experiencing in my everyday life in order to hear the rest of "Gideon". It was at that point when my spirit took over control of my body completely. In order to accomplish that goal, I had to successfully maneuver through and pierce the Veil of Illusion. It felt as if God and the devil were inside of me fighting over my soul. The pain at times was almost unbearable. But after a couple of months, I pierced through the Veil and claimed the rest of this beautiful song as my own.

From what the angels have told me, there is a message in "Gideon" and it is aimed mainly at women, then secondly at children and I believe it. "Gideon" speaks to the feminine heart and the human spirit. I am certain that some men will be touched by it as well because I have a friend in California who has been brought to tears by this music.

Every generation that is born is more evolved than the previous generation. At some point, children will be born fully-Christed beings, fully of the Light, fully evolved. I believe it is our destiny to ready the world for their arrival.

The Baby Boomer generation of today (some 75 million strong in the U.S. alone) will evolve into the healers of tomorrow. It is time for us to evolve as a species, time for humanity to push past all barriers between peoples, time to rise above all the negative energy patterns that have kept this planet locked into the same limiting and self-destructive behaviors. Since the Veil of Illusion, an invisible force-field surrounding our planet, is thinning out more and more as time passes, it will be interesting to see how all of this unfolds in the next eight years or so (more about this in my article "Visions, Dreams, and Goals").

"Gideon's" melody is simple but effective; however its underlying strength is in the harmony. On a purely harmonic level, "Gideon" modulated in and out of various and specifically sequenced key signatures. Coupled with the melody, it sends a message to an open and receptive heart. After four years, it still speaks to me and I hope it will speak to you and many others around the world.